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By thebackyard13443074, Apr 26 2018 07:09PM

It has been a very long winter! Do you need some help getting your trees and shrubs trimmed this spring? If the answer is yes. Give us a call and we can help.


By thebackyard13443074, Sep 20 2017 06:38PM

Would you like to see Flowers next spring in your yard?

Fall is the time to plant crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and other spring-flowering bulbs throughout most of the country.

• While you should plant most bulbs by late October, you can plant tulips as late as November

• How to plant: Plant large bulbs, such as daffodils and tulips, about 8 inches deep and smaller bulbs, such as crocus, about 5 inches deep. If you're combining them with other bulbs, figure on two to three daffodil and tulip bulbs (full-size varieties) per square foot. For smaller bulbs, plant three to five per square foot—twice as many for a solid bed of color. Plant all bulbs with the pointed end up. To get bulbs of the same type to bloom at once, plant them at the same depth.

By thebackyard13443074, Jul 26 2017 02:58PM

To keep your trees and shrubs looking good and healthy, you need to keep them trimmed. But there's more to trimming a tree than simply snipping a few branches.

Many trees and large shrubs benefit from some summer pruning. When done for the right reasons, pruning creates healthy, vigorous plants. Summer pruning also keeps plants tidy and can allow you to provide better clearance, when necessary. Cutting back plants can also help you direct growth.

By thebackyard13443074, Apr 18 2017 05:23PM

Spring Yard Clean Up

Even though we had a pretty mild winter, everyone still needs to clean up their yard. Here are some great tips to begin this spring.

1. Remove all the debris. Start your cleanup efforts by collecting fallen branches and sticks.

2. Prune and trim bushes, hedges and any perennials. Trim damaged tree limbs that you can reach.

3. Rake dead leaves and twigs. Thoroughly rake the flower beds and yard of all of last fall’s leaves and sticks.

When you are done with your cleanup, begin planting to make your yard beautiful. If you need any help feel free to give us a call. We do spring/fall clean up, maintenance contracts to keep your yard weed free, landscape designs, and have a yard mowing service. You can contact us at 765-868-8468.

By thebackyard13443074, Dec 13 2016 05:55PM

Do you need your home or office plowed?

We offer snow plowing for commercial and residential properties. This includes plowing driveways or parking lots and shoveling/ salting sidewalks. Give us a call at the office 765-868-8468 we would love to hear from you.