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Spring Yard Clean Up

By thebackyard13443074, Apr 18 2017 05:23PM

Spring Yard Clean Up

Even though we had a pretty mild winter, everyone still needs to clean up their yard. Here are some great tips to begin this spring.

1. Remove all the debris. Start your cleanup efforts by collecting fallen branches and sticks.

2. Prune and trim bushes, hedges and any perennials. Trim damaged tree limbs that you can reach.

3. Rake dead leaves and twigs. Thoroughly rake the flower beds and yard of all of last fall’s leaves and sticks.

When you are done with your cleanup, begin planting to make your yard beautiful. If you need any help feel free to give us a call. We do spring/fall clean up, maintenance contracts to keep your yard weed free, landscape designs, and have a yard mowing service. You can contact us at 765-868-8468.

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