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Have you ever thought about adding a new patio to your back yard? Knowing your contractor and choosing the right pavement type is a MUST.

Interlocking concrete pavers create a beautiful and durable pavement that should last a minimum of 30 years if installed correctly. Other types of pavement such as asphalt or poured concrete have a much shorter life.

Here are some answers to some questions you might have about paver installation.

•Is the pavers graded properly for proper drainage? Yes, the paved area will be sloped away from the house at a minimum of 2%.

•Will the aggregate base absorb or hold water? NO, when compacted properly, it’s density will minimize any deformation during freezing or thawing.

•Are the joints filled between the pavers? Yes with clean, fine sand.

•Do I need to seal the pavers? No, the pavers are extremely durable. But you may seal them to enhance the color and to prevent staining.

Remember, a well – designed area can depend on you taking the extra time to get the best possible results.

Backyard Gardeners offers Same-As-Cash financing.

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Be sure to water deeply and infrequently. Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day 11 AM-3 PM. It is best to water between 6-10 AM. There's less wind, less hot sun, and your lawn has a full day to dry. Watering at night invites mildew and fungus but if you can't water in the morning aim for around 4-7 PM. In the hot afternoon, much of your water can be lost to wind and evaporation.

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Color adds vibrancy which gives visual interest and inspires the eye.

Here are a few tips to give you that splash of beauty in your landscape:

• Use oranges and reds to really showcase that wow factor such as bee balm.

Include annuals such as orange marigolds or red geraniums.

• Think about a color palette. What makes you happy?

• Utilize masses of plants and flowers for impact.

• Don’t forget about colorful planters or a whimsical structure.

• Layering your plants can create a lovely effect with different heights and textures.

Be creative, but also consider having a plan to bring it all together.

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ANSWER: Come to the Indiana Flower and Patio Show and Find Out!

DATE: March 12th-20th

LOCATION: Indiana State Fairgrounds, Expo Hall & West Pavilion

1202 East 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205

TIMES: Monday-Wednesday: 10am-7pm

Thursday-Saturdays: 10am-9pm

Sundays: 10am-5pm

The Backyard Gardeners will have a display at the Indiana Flower and Patio Show that will wow your senses!. This upscale event will have your head spilling over with amazing design ideas. Be inspired! Bring something special to your outdoor living space. From frog to prince, The Backyard Gardeners is your fairy god mother for landscape transformation. For more information and ticket discounts, go to our Home Page and click on the the links for the Indiana Flower and Patio Show. See you there!!!!

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Your landscape and gardens don't have to be completely lackluster for the wintertime. Here are a few tips to make your outdoor space merry and bright:

Try adding color by painting a gate or fence a vibrant hue to add that pop of whimsy.

Planting holly to bring out the beautiful berries and the deep green foliage or red twig dogwood with its bare winter red branches can be a real treat.

A white birch tree placed as a focal point in your yard can give you that dramatic winter white with a natural texture.

Lighting brings out the sparkle in your beds.

Add a staturary with a winter themed artisc flare.

Cut evergreen branches give lasting green throughout the winter season and look especially festive in planters or as wreathes. Add cut birch branches for that touch of white.

Pine cones give a woodsy visual to any winter display. Add some peanut butter swirled in birdseed and you have nature's bird feeder.

From all of us at The Backyard Gardeners, we wish you a Merrry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year!